2019 Legion Poster/Essay Contest Winners

Branch 533 Byron-Springbank Essay / Poster Contest Winners for 2019

As part of their Youth and Education program, the Royal Canadian Legion Branches across Canada hold contests for the schools. There are literary, poster, public speaking and video competitions. Literary combines essays and poems.

The Poster/Essay contest is about Remembrance Day and held in the fall. The purpose is to educate the youth about the sacrifices that our Veterans made during war times.

There are four levels.  They are Primary, (kindergarten, grades 1-3 Poster contest only), Junior, (grades 4,5,6), Intermediate (grades 7,8,9) and Senior (grades 10,11,12). The junior, intermediate and senior levels participate in both the poster and literary competitions. 

The top three winners are presented with a cash prize from the branch and the first-place winner goes onto the London Zone A6 judging level. From there contestants can go to the District, Provincial and National Command levels

The 2019 Branch 533 Winners are:

  • Emmit Pardo: John Dearness. Grade 7. Poster. Coloured Intermediate 1st Place (Not Available for Photo)
  • Luciana Garauiio: St Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Grade 10. Poster Coloured Senior 1st Place
  • Montana McIntyre: St Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Grade 10. Poster B&W Senior 1st Place
  • Selenna Kamil: St George Catholic School Grade 1. Poster B&W Junior 1st Place
  • Andrew Massignani: Notre dame School Grade 8. Essay Intermediate 1st Place
  • Nick Petruzella: Notre Dame School Grade 8 Essay Intermediate 2nd Place (Not Available for Photo)
  • Isabella Locke Notre Dame Notre Dame School Grade 8 Essay Intermediate 3rd Place