As of Monday 7 Dec 2020 – Moved to Restricted (Orange) Level

As of Monday, 7 December, Middlesex London Health Unit has moved to Restricted (Orange) Level. This means that the Byron-Springbank Legion must implement the following procedures:

  1. Bar staff will conduct screening questionnaire when you enter the Branch
  2. Contact info must be filled in by all patrons
  4. NO MORE THAN 4 PEOPLE at a table and tables MUST STAY 6 FEET apart
  5. MASKS MUST BE WORN when not seated
  6. All patrons are to be seated at all times except:
    • while entering the room and while moving to their table  and leaving the room
    • while placing, picking up or paying for an order,
    • while going to or returning from the washroom,
  7. No alcohol sold after 9 PM, Branch closes at 10 PM