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  1. Anonymous

    I belong to branch 67 in Lindsay Ont
    I am planning a move to London this summer
    I am very impressed with all your activities
    just like ours You did not mention shuffleboard
    which I play on in a league do you have a shuffleboard table ?
    Looking forward to dropping in to see you

  2. colleen mcculloch

    I had come into your Legion back in March. Talked to some members and received the membership form Was an associate member in Lambeth .My father served in WW 2 and this was how I felt i could honor him after his passing.
    Then Covid 19 hit. I have my form filled in and ready to go as soon as you are open . In the meantime can I be of any help ?

    1. RCLBR533 Admin


      Thanks for thinking of us. We are completely shut down for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, sometime in June, we will be able to reopen and we look forward to seeing you. Keep am eye out here and our Facebook page. As soon as we know when we are back in business, we will let everyone know. Thanks for your help offer, our members are constantly checking on each other and so far, all are good.

  3. Deanna Barrett

    Hi, I am looking to join a dart team. I prefer a mixed dart league, but will play ladies league if that is all you have. Who do I call to speak about getting on a team
    Would really appreciate, thankyou..

  4. Melinda Maxner


    I moved to Byron almost two years ago. I have been looking at the Byron Legion and I would really like to join. I would like to be involved with the events and also help out with any fund raising that is done. I was wondering how I to go about signing up as a member?

    Thank you

    1. RCLBR533 Admin


      Even though the Byron-Springbank Legion is currently closed due to the Covid-19 virus, if you can’t wait, there is an online process for joining the Royal Canadian Legion. Under the our Membership tab, you can see what type of membership you can qualify for. Then go to and follow the instructions there. Once you receive your confirmation, you can come to Branch (once we are back open) and our Membership chairperson will arrange to transfer your National Membership to Byron-Springbank Branch 533.

      If you can wait until be reopen, then you can come in, check us out, complete the Membership form, attach a cheque for the dues, and we will submit the form through the process.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for considering us.

    1. RCLBR533 Admin

      Vikki. Byron-Springbank Branch 533 was not taking in empties. That was Victory Branch 317 on Oakland Ave in London. I am not sure if they are still collecting, it would be best to call the at 519-455-2331.

      Thanks for thinking of us.

    1. RCLBR533 Admin

      Keith. I sorry but we don’t have any ceremonies at the any of the London cemeteries on Nov 11. We do put out Canadian Flags in June for Flag Day. Remembrance ceremonies will be very subdued this year because of COVID since gatherings are limited to 100 people.

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