Banquet Hall Rental Information
The branch has a lovely banquet hall that is available to members and non-members for various activities. These include but are not limited too; weddings, stag and does, birthday parties, retirement parties, wake, banquets, condo meetings, service club meetings and more.
The banquet hall is licensed for 200 persons. However for weddings, etc the hall can only accommodate 150 - 160 persons. We have different food services available to you and the hall rental is priced to specific days in the week. All this information, including contact information can be seen on the right of this page.
Services on this floor include a bar, kitchen, washrooms and elevator that can lead to our outside parking area or downstairs Club Room.
If you would like to peruse our menu options then please click on the links below.
Buffet Dinner (Click to View)
Family Style Dinner (Click to View)
Single Plate Service (Click to View)
Cold Buffet (Click to View)
If you wish to reserve a date for the banquet hall, a non refundable deposit of $500.00 is required if you request food service, but only $150.00 for all other bookings.
Contact Information


Jamie Hughes
Event and Facilities Manager

Phone - 519-472-1001
Email -

Please Note: Prices quoted and posted are subject to 13% HST and 12% gratuity. Prices subject to change.


Rental, Food Services and Additional Information

Click on each section below for an expanded view of options, prices and important information or download the PDF.

Hall Rental - Sunday to Thursday

Hall Rental (Hourly)


Providing Own Catering...$50.00

Members (Over 2 yrs)...$30.00

Hall Rental - Friday and Saturday

Non-Members (Full and Half Days)

Non-Members Full Day...$500.00

1/2 Day (9am-4pm or 6pm- 1am)...$375.00

With Food Service...$200.00

Members (Full and Half Days)

Members Full Day...$350.00

1/2 Day (9am-4pm or 6pm- 1am)...$250.00

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Hall Rental - Reception or Wake

Hall Rental...$100

Members...$7.00 per person

Non-Members...$8.00 per person

Sandwiches or buns/cold cuts, cheese and crackers, veggie tray with dip, dessert tray, tea and coffee

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Additional Information

Additional Fee
(a minimum of 4 hours will be charged for the function)

Tablecloth Rental Fee...$7.50
(Tablecloths are included with all hot meals)

House Wine Available
(cost of $20.00 per bottle)

If an open bar is requested, a deposit will be required as follows:

Under 100 people...$500.00 deposit
Over 100 people...$1000.00 deposit

Food Services

Prices are Per Person

Includes choice of one entree
(additional entree $3.00)

Family Style...$20.55
(includes one entree)

Single Plate...$18.35
(includes one entree)

Cold Buffet...$13.70
(includes one entree)

(10 and Under)

(includes pickles, veggies, coffee or tea)

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Hall Picture Gallery (Coming Soon)

The McGill Room

If you are looking for something smaller, we can provide you the McGill Room which is located at the back of our Club Room on the lower level.

This may suit a smaller anniversary, birthday or retirement party. This room accommodates 45 persons maximum. This will also soon be re-decorated to match the rest of our Club Room.

Come Down and Check it Out

If you are not sure as to whether the size will be big enough then it is best to come down to the branch and see both of the rooms we have.

Best way to do this is to contact Jamie Hughes, our Event and Facilities Manager. He can arrange to meet you at the branch and discuss your plans and ideas further and answer any other questions you may have.

Some Parking is Available

We have parking available to the side of the building with an exterior access to the elevator available.

Should this be full, there are more spaces just to the east of us in the Metro parking lot and close by in and around the Byron Village area.