Membership Information for Branch 533
Although our membership has grown over the past couple of years, there are still lots of opportunities for new members. Watch the notice board for up coming events, which your family or friends might like to attend, and then bring them out for a good time. As with most organizations, we have come to rely on a small percentage of our member to help out with the numerous activities that take place at the branch. All members are encouraged to come out and volunteer to help. Don’t wait for someone to remember what your interested in helping with let it be known because I’m pretty sure most areas of the Legion can use your input.
The future on any organization hinges on its ability to attract and retain new members. Consequently, all Members should be actively encouraging their family and friends to join our Branch. In addition to being a great place to hang around and have a great time, there are a number of reasons to join the Legion:

• To belong to a national organization that cares for Canada’s veterans, promotes "remembrance" and speaks out for Canadian unity.
• To support your community through Legion programs and activities.
• To expand your skills and use your unique talents whether you participate in sports, public speaking, helping seniors, leadership, and youth development, social and other activities.
• For comradeship and recreation.
• To have access to a growing list of discounted products and services through the Legion’s Membership Benefits Package, and
• To receive Legion Magazine five times a year.

John Morris

Membership Chairman
Membership Rates

Reminder: If you have moved please notify the Membership Committee so that your Legion Magazine can be delivered to you and not returned to command.
Who Can Join The Royal Canadian Legion
You may be eligible for membership in The Royal Canadian Legion if you are a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject and are of federal voting age. All applications for membership are subject to the General By-Laws of The Royal Canadian Legion and approval by the local branch to which the application is made.
By joining The Royal Canadian Legion you will have the opportunity to make new friends, become involved with your community and to develop and share your leadership skills. You will help to perpetuate the Remembrance of those who gave so much for the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today and the proud heritage of this great Canadian organization will be enriched by the enthusiasm, energy and new ideas that you bring to it.
Here are just some of the many benefits membership in The Royal Canadian Legion brings:
Social Activities - Most branches have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges. Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.
Member Participation Sports - The Legion has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage and golf, with competitions ranging from local, provincial to national levels.
The many opportunities and programs offered by The Royal Canadian Legion are identified throughout our web site or you may wish to contact your local Legion Branch or Post for more information.
Eligibility Information

There are four membership categories, each with different qualifications. The criteria for each category are listed below.

Click on each section below for an expanded view of eligibility or download the PDF here

Ordinary Membership (Click to Expand)

Ordinary Membership - You may be eligible for Ordinary membership if you have served or are serving in:

• The Canadian Armed Forces or Her Majesty's Armed Forces (regular force or reserve force with class "C" service); or

• The Armed Forces or underground forces of any of Her Majesty's allies in a war or police action in which Canada was involved; or

• The Merchant Navy or non-military services in an actual theatre of war in which Canada was involved; or

• Her Majesty's reserve force including Cadet Instructors on the Cadet Cadre. Must have at least one year (12 months) service; or

• The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary for not less than one year; or

• The Armed Forces of a country while that country was a member of NATO or NORAD; or

• The United States Forces; or

• The Vietnam War with the Armed Forces of the United States, Australia, the Republic of Korea or South Vietnam, and were a Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subject at the time of service.

Associate Membership (Click to Expand)

Associate Membership - If you do not qualify for Ordinary membership you may be eligible for Associate membership if you:

• are the child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, niece/nephew, widow/er, parent or spouse of someone who is or was eligible for Ordinary membership; or

• are the child of an Associate member; or

• have served in The Royal Canadian Sea, Army or Air Cadets for not less than 3 years; or

• have been a cadet civilian instructor for not less than 3 years; or

• have served as an officer in the Navy League of Canada for not less than 2 years; or

• have served on a city, municipal or provincial police force for not less than 1 year; or

• have served in the Polish Armed Forces after WW II;

• are the spouse, parent or sibling of an associate member who qualified subject to the above criteria.

Affiliate Voting Membership (Click to Expand)

If you do not qualify for Ordinary or Associate membership but support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion you may apply for Affiliate Voting membership.

Affiliate Non-Voting Membership (Click to Expand)

An Affiliate Non-Voting membership is open to any citizen from an allied country, excluding Canada and the commonwealth. For further information, please contact your nearest Legion Branch.

Application Forms
To determine which category of membership you may qualify for refer to the Who Can Join information page.
Click on the appropriate application form and once completed you should submit it to the branch you wish to join. Depending on the category of membership you qualify for, you will be required to provide documentation to substantiate your eligibility. Refer to the Proof of Eligibility Requirements information page. The Legion does not have access to military records. Copies of military service documentation may be obtained from the National Archives of Canada.
If you require assistance with your application, you should contact the branch most convenient for you, and they will assist you in completing your application form and can advise you on your eligibility status and what documentation may be required. Each branch enjoys a measure of autonomy so activities, programs and membership dues may vary from branch to branch.
Proof of Eligibility
The following documentation is required to determine eligibility for the various membership categories and should accompany your Membership Application Form. Military service documentation can be obtained from the National Archives of Canada.

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