Covid-19 restrictions for clubroom & patio

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 533, Byron Springbank is open and has returned to almost normal operation.

Obviously, with moving indoors, we are subject to many restrictions:

  • Add your contact information to the Contact Tracing list
  • Face masks are to be worn WHENEVER YOU ARE NOT SEATED in the clubroom
  • Limit of 50 people indoors (during daylight hours, the patio is available for overflow
  • Maximum 6 people per table and tables must tay 6 feet apart
  • All patrons must be seated when eating or drinking in the establishment. This means no drinking or standing at the bar or high tables
  • Physical distancing of two metres between patrons from different households or social circles also continues to apply
  • No dancing or singing allowed
  • No buffet style food service
  • No darts or pool
  • NOTE: the Patio will be closed at the end of October

To see the complete “A Framework for Reopening our Province Stage 3 document go to

The current configuration of entering the clubroom through the front stairs/elevator and exiting by way of the rear stairs will be maintained.

Our current patio will remain in place until the weather turns cold. The patio will open at the same time as the Legion but will close at dusk. Smoking is restricted to the alley behind the Legion, even when the patio is closed. When sitting in the patio area, refill your refreshments by returning to the bar either through the front stairs or elevator.

For those members who have not taken advantage of our patio we look forward to seeing you again in the clubroom

The following rules will still apply to The Patio

  1. Enter the Legion through the front door at the top of the stairs, or the Elevator
  2. Proceed down into the Clubroom and stop at the hand satirizing station
  3. Follow the arrows to the bar, keeping 6 feet apart from other patrons
  4. Once you have your order, follow the arrows to the stairs to the rear exit and go out to The Patio.
  5. Tables have been placed 2 Metres apart so that groups maintain the social distancing rules. Groups should not co-mingle.  DO NOT MOVE THE TABLES FROM THE ASSIGNED LOCATION
  6. To get your next order, use the elevator to return to the Clubroom bar.
  7. When you are heading home, please tell the volunteer that you are leaving so they can wipe down the table and chairs you were using.
  8. NO GLASSWARE will be allowed out of the Clubroom, only plastic glasses and jugs are permitted on The Patio
  9. Washrooms – use the elevator to get to the Clubroom

Remember, if you feel sick, stay home