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Sunday Music

Public Welcome
Public Welcome

Our Monthly Calendar is kept up to date.

  • All upcoming Saturday Night Dance and Sunday Afternoon Music dates
    • 9-Oct-22 Music by Ken Thorne
    • 15-Oct-22 The Do-Overs
    • 23-Oct-22 Pete Denomme
    • 29-Oct-22 Halloween dance Bryan Bicknell Duo
    • 6-Nov-22 TBD
    • 12-Nov-22 Roadblock
    • 20-Nov-22 Music by Ken Thorne
    • 26-Nov-22 Matt Gauthier
    • 11-Dec-22 Gary Fleming
    • 17-Dec-22 Sandbox
    • 26-Dec-22 Pub Day The Kards
    • 31-Dec-22 New Year’s Eve Wheeler